Which superheroes are circumcised?

Superman is presumably not circumcised, because let’s face it, no one in Smallville has the clippers to cut little Clark. Earth doctors couldn't even figure out how to give Superman a vaccine injection, much less sever his foreskin.

We can also infer that the superhero Wolverine is uncircumcised, for two reasons: Wolverine is from Canada, where circumcision is much less common than in the United States; and even if by chance he were circumcised as a Canadian baby, he wouldn’t stay circumcised, since he has the mutant power of rapid regeneration.

I was going to mention the mighty Thor as another superhero who, due to his cultural background as a pre-Christian Northern European god, is probably not circumcised. However, I think most mythologists would agree that Thor’s hammer is symbolic, if you know what I mean, nudge nudge. It featured prominently in the ancient Norse marriage ceremony, for example. And—I am not making this up—when Thor’s hammer was forged, the dwarves made the handle just a little too short. So, we’ll put down Thor as a maybe.