Should Australia become the 51st State?

If Australia became the 51st state it would be the third biggest by population, a bit behind Texas and a bit ahead of New York.

It's way too goddamn big in terms of square miles of dirt, however.

I think you're best advised to have the five big Australian states come in as the 51st through 55th. They each have enough population to make a decent American state. By area, if you were wondering, the ranking would then be:

  1. 1.Western Australia

  2. 2.Queensland

  3. 3.Alaska

  4. 4.South Australia

  5. 5.New South Wales

  6. 6.Texas

  7. 7.California

  8. 8.Montana

  9. 9.New Mexico

  10. 10.Arizona

  11. 11.Nevada

  12. 12.Colorado

  13. 13.Oregon

  14. 14.Wyoming

  15. 15.Michigan

  16. 16.Victoria

To be honest, Tasmania is a bit underpopulated for a state. But if you're really attached to the idea, we might be able to take it as #56.

I guess the territories stay territories for now.

Hope this helps.